This Is Our Happy Place

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    • Live By The Sun Love By The MoonModern & Industrial Style
    • Matte Black Paint
    • 3 mm thick MDF
    • The product includes five pieces
    • Product Measurements (Width x Height):
    “This” 27cm x 20cm – 10.6″x7.8″
    “Is” 13cm x 15cm – 5.1″x5.9″
    “Our” 25cm x 11cm – 9.8″x4.3″
    “Happy” 44cm x 27cm – 17.3″x10.6″
    “Place” 43cm x 27cm – 16.9″x10.6″
    • You can mount the product without damaging the wall thanks to the hook & loop tape behind
    • Easy to use, don’t need any nails or drilling the wall
    • You can combine the pieces as you like
    • The product is suitable for using again
    • The product stands slightly away from the wall
    • Please contact us for further information and any questions


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